1. Long-standing comb industry gains new momentum in county of east China's Anhui2018-12-14
  2. Peking Opera staged during Carthage Theater Days festival in Tunisia2018-12-14
  3. Diver dressed as Santa Claus at Manila Ocean Park in the Philippines2018-12-14
  4. Ankara covered with snow after overnight snowfall2018-12-14
  5. Weavers make traditional women wear saree in Dhaka, Bangladesh2018-12-14
  1. Actors perform in a circus in Cairo, Egypt2018-12-14
  2. In pics: Christmas market in central Brussels, Belgium2018-12-13
  3. In pics: snow-capped Huangshan Mountain2018-12-13
  4. Lighting ceremony of Christmas Tree held at Syntagma Square in Athens2018-12-12
  5. Christmas celebration takes place in Damascus, Syria2018-12-12
  1. Handicrafts-man makes masks of Nuo Opera in Enshi City, China's Hubei2018-12-10
  2. Plants covered by ice and snow at Wanbaoshan wood farm in China's Hunan2018-12-10
  3. Macaques have fun in snow at Hongshan Forest Zoo in Nanjing, China's Jiangsu2018-12-10
  4. Cold wave brings snowfall to Hongcun Village, China's Anhui2018-12-10
  5. Feature: Greek museum builds new bridges of intercultural dialogue with China2018-12-07
  1. China Int'l Garden Expo held in Nanning2018-12-07
  2. Farmers busy with farm work in greenhouse across China2018-12-07
  3. New generation to promote Laixi puppet show in E China's Shandong2018-12-04
  4. Exotic Zoo exhibition attracts hundreds of visitors in Warsaw, Poland2018-12-03
  5. Scenery of Baise in China's Guangxi2018-12-03
  1. Municipality of Byblos unveils Christmas tree in Lebanon2018-12-03
  2. Chongqing renovates footpaths linking natural, cultural highlights2018-12-03
  3. Villagers dry noodles in Xinyu City of east China's Jiangxi2018-11-29
  4. Pic story of typography printer in east China's Anhui2018-11-26
  5. Traditional costumes reflect diversified ethnic cultures in Guangxi2018-11-23
  1. Fish catching festival held to celebrate harvest in China's Guangxi2018-11-21
  2. Students experience processes of movable-type printing in China's Liaoning2018-11-19
  3. 12th China Photography Art Festival kicks off in Sanmenxia, China's Henan2018-11-19
  4. Manual skills competition held among minority ethnic group in Guizhou2018-11-16
  5. Chrysanthemums industry helps increase farmers' income in Henan2018-11-15
  1. Beautiful scenery of maple forest in east China's Shandong2018-11-15
  2. Traditional handmade cheongsam show held in Suzhou, E China2018-11-15
  3. Artists from China National Theatre for Children perform in Nepal2018-11-13
  4. China's village gets UNESCO awards for cultural heritage conservation2018-11-13
  5. Shaolin Kung Fu show warmly applauded in Houston2018-11-13
  1. China's village gets UNESCO awards for cultural heritage conservation2018-11-13
  2. Exhibition of Chinese traditional culture held in Berlin2018-11-12
  3. Traditional festival celebrated in SW China's Yunnan2018-11-12
  4. 8th Beirut Cooking Festival and 5th Salon Du Chocolat Beirut kicks off in Lebanon2018-11-09
  5. Art installation of "Shrouds of the Somme" exhibited in London, Britain2018-11-08
  1. Pic story: fifth-generation inheritor of sugar sculpture2018-11-07
  2. Artists perform Thousand-hand Bodhisattva dance at UN headquarters in New York2018-11-06
  3. locally well-known Miao embroidery master in village of China's Guizhou2018-11-06
  4. Teachers in N China's Hebei take courses of Chinese traditional culture2018-11-05
  5. Confucius classroom opens in Serbian high school on 227th anniversary2018-11-02
  1. Actors stage Tibetan opera during Shanghai Int'l Arts Festival2018-11-02
  2. Chinese photographer Eva Siao's exhibition held in Berlin2018-11-02
  3. Chrysanthemum flower expo held at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal2018-11-02
  4. All Saints' Day marked in Croatisa, Poland2018-11-02
  5. Purple glutinous rice harvested in China's Guangxi2018-10-31
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