1. People have fun at outdoor ice rinks in Beijing2019-01-18
  2. People in Shanghai buy decorations, accessories to greet Spring Festival2019-01-18
  3. People pose for photos with cherry blossoms in China's Fujian2019-01-18
  4. People visit ice bar in Harbin's Ice-Snow World2019-01-18
  5. Pic story: deliveryman works in vicinity of Forbidden City2019-01-18
  1. Snow scenery across China2019-01-18
  2. Children learn paper-cutting for upcoming Spring Festival2019-01-18
  3. Taierzhuang International Winter Swimming Festival held2019-01-18
  4. Folk culture performance held for celebrating the Spring Festival in China's Jiangsu2019-01-18
  5. Self-driving sweeper car put into service in China's Hohhot2019-01-18
  1. Light show held for upcoming Chinese New Year in Chongqing2019-01-18
  2. Rime scenery in NW China's Gansu Province2019-01-17
  3. In pics: frozen Hukou Waterfall on Yellow River2019-01-17
  4. In pics: pelicans at fishpond in Haikou, south China's Hainan2019-01-17
  5. Snow-covered Tianxin pavilion in China's Hunan2019-01-17
  1. Wintersweet blossoms in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang2019-01-17
  2. Frozen waterfall seen in NW China’s Gansu Province2019-01-16
  3. Dragon lantern seen at lantern show in SW China’s Chongqing2019-01-16
  4. Workers busy making Chinese lanterns for upcoming Spring Festival2019-01-16
  5. Iron sparks dragon dance performed in E China’s Shandong Province2019-01-16
  1. Harbin Ice-Snow World in NE China's Heilongjiang2019-01-16
  2. Toy bricks themed on Spring Festival attract customers in Shanghai2019-01-15
  3. Frosty scenery seen in Tianjin2019-01-15
  4. 24th Harbin Int'l Snow Sculpture Competition ends2019-01-14
  5. Energy-efficient lighting illuminates Taiyuan city at night2019-01-14
  1. Rime scenery in Yuncheng City, north China's Shanxi2019-01-14
  2. People across China prepare to celebrate coming Spring Festival2019-01-14
  3. Laba Festival celebrated across China2019-01-14
  4. Sea ice seen in E China’s Shandong Province2019-01-11
  5. Workers busy making porcelain products in N China’s Hebei Province2019-01-11
  1. Amazing scenery of Huangshan Mountain after rainfall in E China2019-01-11
  2. Herdsmen tame horses at Qilian Mountain2019-01-11
  3. Students experience traditional techniques in SW China's Guizhou2019-01-11
  4. In pics: traditional hand-built shipyard in Shandong2019-01-11
  5. In pics: artificially-bred red-crowned cranes in Qiqihar, NE China's Heilongjiang2019-01-11
  1. People busy making silver handicrafts for Spring Festival in Guizhou2019-01-11
  2. Frost scenery at Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area in E China's Anhui2019-01-11
  3. Chinese traditional performance held in Dunhuang2019-01-11
  4. Exhibitions to be displayed at Palace Museum to celebrate Spring Festival2019-01-11
  5. Winter dragon boat race held on ice in Liaoning2019-01-11
  1. Amazing winter scenery of Qinghai Lake2019-01-11
  2. In pics: monkeys in snow2019-01-11
  3. Winter scenery of West Lake2019-01-11
  4. Villagers work in lantern workshop for upcoming Spring Festival in Zhejiang2019-01-11
  5. Beijing New Year's Concert held in Beijing2019-01-11
  1. Scenery of forest after snow in Huaian, east China's Jiangsu2019-01-11
  2. In pics: paper-cutting inheritor in NW China's Gansu2019-01-11
  3. Scenery of Zanda County in China's Tibet2019-01-11
  4. China's ecological environment significantly improved in recent years2019-01-10
  5. Scenery of icefall at Yuntai Mountain scenic spot in Jiaozuo, China's Henan2019-01-10
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