1. Xi'an sees boom in tourism market as Spring Festival holiday draws to end2019-02-18
  2. China's research icebreaker Xuelong to arrive in Shanghai in mid-March2019-02-18
  3. Snowfall hits southern mountainous area of Ningxia, NW China2019-02-18
  4. Tourists visit ancient town of Taierzhuang in E China's Shandong2019-02-18
  5. Annual "sunning of the Buddha" ceremony of Labrang Monastery held in NW China's Gansu2019-02-18
  1. China's research icebreaker Xuelong to arrive in Shanghai in mid-March2019-02-18
  2. Wooden-bench dragon dance performed to celebrate Chinese Lantern Festival2019-02-18
  3. Zaduo authority sends machines to blizzard-hit areas to clear roads2019-02-16
  4. Dots of plum blossoms herald arrival of spring in E China's Anhui2019-02-16
  5. Snow scenery of Badaling Great Wall2019-02-16
  1. Local gathering "Datongnian" held in Rongshui, S China's Guangxi2019-02-16
  2. Medical staff of Chinese peacekeeping contingent to Lebanon attend emergency rescue drill2019-02-16
  3. Job fairs held across China2019-02-16
  4. Bright Brussels Festival held in Brussels, capital of Belgium2019-02-15
  5. Classical musical concert held in Romania's Bucharest to mark Chinese Lunar New Year2019-02-15
  1. Villagers rehearse for traditional shehuo performance in Liaoning2019-02-15
  2. Manghao Festival marked in S China's Guangxi2019-02-15
  3. Visitors view snowy scenery at Palace Museum in Beijing2019-02-15
  4. Streets decorated with colorful lights and red lanterns in Suqian of Jiangsu2019-02-14
  5. Workers make red sour soup in southwest China's Guizhou2019-02-14
  1. People of Tibetan ethnic group celebrate Shangjiu Festival in SW China2019-02-14
  2. Villagers take part in time-honoured shehuo performance in NE China's Liaoning2019-02-14
  3. Navel orange industry becomes pillar industry in China's Fengjie County2019-02-14
  4. Scenery of photovoltaic power station in E China’s Jiangsu2019-02-14
  5. China to lift another ten million people out of poverty in 20192019-02-13
  1. Performers present Lion and dragon dance to celebrate Chinese new year in E China's Jiangxi2019-02-13
  2. Variety of folk activities staged in China to mark lunar new year2019-02-13
  3. In pics: Kids taken care of during Spring Festival travel rush2019-02-13
  4. Aerial view of snow-covered terraced fields in north China's Hebei2019-02-13
  5. Visitors view snowy scenery at Palace Museum2019-02-13
  1. In pics: Cildir Lake Golden Horse Festival2019-02-12
  2. Actors perform Bangju opera in Bozhou, east China's Anhui2019-02-12
  3. China reports over 60 mln railway trips as holiday ends2019-02-12
  4. Snow hits Beijing after Spring Festival holiday2019-02-12
  5. Chinese farmers work after Spring Festival holiday2019-02-12
  1. Lanterns light up temple fair in Fenyang, north China's Shanxi2019-02-12
  2. People across China have fun during week-long Lunar New Year holiday2019-02-11
  3. Aerial view of cole flowers beside Jiulong River in SW China's Yunnan2019-02-11
  4. Plum blossoms at Linyang Temple in Fuzhou attract lots of tourists2019-02-11
  5. Snowfall hits many regions in southern part of Shanxi2019-02-11
  1. Dos and don'ts of Spring Festival2019-02-09
  2. Chinese tourists to hit global destinations during Spring Festival2019-02-09
  3. Ready-to-cook food grows in popularity during Spring Festival season2019-02-09
  4. Shanghai streets elegantly decorated for Spring Festival2019-02-09
  5. People buying goods in Guizhou for upcoming Spring Festival2019-02-09
  1. NASA's Curiosity finds Mars rocks more porous than expected2019-02-08
  2. Kunlun team of China's 35th Antarctic expedition arrives at Taishan station2019-02-08
  3. People select Spring Festival decorations in China's Tianjin2019-02-08
  4. Spring Festival decorations, music performance provided in hospital in China's Jiangxi2019-02-08
  5. Museum attracts lots of visitors during winter vacation in China's Zhejiang2019-02-08
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